Tuesday, October 23, 2018

CRC Calendar 2018/2019

CRC Testing Friday, October 5, 2018
CRC Round 1 Friday, October 12, 2018
CRC Round 2 Friday, November 2, 2018
CRC Round 3

Round 3:  Friday, December 7, 2018

CRC Round 4

Round 4:  Friday, January 11, 2019

CRC Round 5

Round 5:  Friday, February 1, 2019

CRC Round 6

Round 6:  Friday, March 8, 2019

CRC Round 7

Round 7:  Friday, April 26, 2019

CRC Spare  Friday, May 3, 2019

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Tough battle between Al Khan and Shaikh Salman lies ahead

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A fight for the fittest will be seen this weekend as the Batelco 2000CC Challenge drivers gear up for the sixth round of the season due to be seen on Friday, 25th April, at Bahrain International Circuit.
During the preparations, Al Khan has been seen renewing his vows to defeat top rival and current lead, Shaikh Salman bin Isa bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa. This round he will not be relenting, as he piles the pressure on the champion in his bid to bridge the gap in the upcoming round and pick up both wins.
As for Shaikh Salman, preparations are underway for the upcoming round as he makes plans of his own to steal both victories and make a positive result to stay on top of the championship. In the meantime, Mohamed Saleh, new Challenge recruit and previous drag racer, will be seen making results and progressing through the sixth round.


 Batelco’s Schumi ready to fight

Shaikh Salman bin Isa bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa, currently leading the Championship, has been seen making phenomenal strides throughout the season as he remains untouchable. The current lead highlighted that he was making serious preparations for the upcoming round, and would be focusing on making best times and results to secure a victory, or two. He stressed that having made a solid start to the season and picked up all eight consecutive race victories in the first four rounds, as well as made some of the fastest lap times, he would be focusing on upping his game to stay on top. He also pointed out that Z Sport, his official sponsor, had done a fantastic job in maintaining and preparing his car, which has helped propel him even further forward into the lead.
Shaikh Salman also added that the Championship has been a superb initiative, kick-started by the Circuit Racing Club, in collaboration with BMF and BIC, as well as sponsored by telecoms greats Batelco, having seen the numbers participating increased considerably since the start of the season. Taking place on the BIC inner track, he also highlighted that whatever happens in the season, this will be a solid foundation upon which the Challenge can grow to develop an even greater and more thrilling season next year.
He also welcomed the competition from all participating drivers in the Challenge. He stressed that this would only raise the bar higher as well as help improve the driving skills and level of competition which everyone could learn and improve from.


Shaikh Salman bin Isa bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa
Born:                              24 March 1976
Driving interest:               Since childhood and began racing in 2007
Milestones:                     Pitted to win the Batelco 2000CC Challenge title for 2007-2008
Race car:                        Honda Civic EG4, 1992 model, 170bhp
Current position:             1st
Current points:                247 points
Race wins:                      9


Al Khan promises to lead both races


Shaikh Salman’s greatest competition yet has been Mustafa Al Khan who managed to clinch a victory from the current lead, who now stands with nine race victories, whilst Al Khan holds onto one.
Al Khan, who announced that he would be unveiling his biggest surprise to all drivers and spectators in the upcoming round, has been very quiet recently, and has only hinted that it would have something to do with his car preparation.
He also declared that the competition was on and it would be fiercer than before adding confidently, “I will win both races of the sixth round, and I am here to reaffirm this to Shaikh Salman.”
On his luck about stealing the title, Al Khan revealed that he was realistic, stating that it would be a definite ‘challenge’ considering he did not participate in the first two rounds of the season. He added that Shaikh Salman stood with better odds for winning, but stressed that his focus now lay on making it to second place. He also continued to say that he was planning on making fastest lap times in every race. He revealed that there would be a prize at the end of the Challenge for the fastest lap time of the season, worth 500 dinars, and he will be looking to defeat Shaikh Salman, who currently holds the fastest time. Al Khan added, “Believe me, this will not be for long. Everything, up until now, is going according to plan.”

Mustafa Al Khan
Born:                             2 February 1978
Driving interest:              Began drag racing in 1996
Milestones:                    1997 3rd place in the Karting Championship in U.S.A. 
                                    Participated in drag racing championships in Bahrain
                                    Received a year’s training in Thunder Arabia in 2004 
                                    Came out sixth place in the Thunder Arabia Cup in 2005 
                                    Picked up first place in the 2005 Autocross 
                                    Participated in the Lumina CSV ME Championship in 2006
                                    3rd place in 2006 Autocross 
                                    Pitted to take 2nd place in the 2007-2008 Batelco 2000CC Challenge
Race car:                       Honda Civic, 1997 model
Current position:            5th
Current points:               125 points
Race wins:                     1

Saleh better, faster, stronger

Drag racer Mohamed Saleh revealed that his participation focused on preparing his car and gearing it up for next season. He added that this was his first race on the circuit, having been a long-time competitor in the drag racing ‘street front wheel drive’ category. He stressed that he was working on preparing his car to participate in the sixth round, having had to sit out of the previous one. He also added that he was delighted to be part of the Batelco 2000CC Challenge, where the championship was treated to the highest of standards of safety and security, and the level of cooperation from the organizers was incomparable. He continued to wish the drivers of the championship all the best during the season.


Mohamed Saleh
Born:                              19 August 1970
Driving interest:               Began drag racing in 2004
Milestones:                      2nd place in 2006 ‘street front wheel drive’ drag race category
                                      2007 ‘street front wheel drive’ champion
                                      Currently leading 2008 ‘street front wheel drive’ category
Race car:                         Honda Civic, 1991 model
Current position:                 8th
Current points:                79 points
Race wins:                       0 (but picked up 2nd place in 2000CC)   


Fans can witness the action
The sixth round of the Batelco 2000CC Challenge will take place this coming Friday, 25th April, at Bahrain International Circuit. Fans will be able to catch the free sessions, qualifiers and then witness the action in both races for only two dinars for adults, and one dinar for children. Sidelining this event will be the National Sprint Championship as part of Round 7 of the circuit’s National Racing Championship.